Saturday, 8 August 2009


Nina Harvey has just delivered the first collection of work that we are going to show in D'Arcy Gallery - really exciting! After chatting, mainly about dogs for at least two hours - Nina and her partner breed Irish Wolf Hounds, they've got ten. Wolf hounds are huge, I can't imagine having ten - just think of feeding them!! Mind my fifteen year old son eats as if filling a bottomless pit! Nina tells me they are going to breed more very soon.

She studied Textile Design at Ulster University, Belfast. After a stint working as a designer for a linen mill Nina setup her own business designing and making rugs - awards soon followed. The Ulster Folk & Transport Museum in Belfast have one of herrugs in their collection. Nina moved to live in England in 2003, switching to painting full time - a medium she found more versatile for expressing her design ideas. The textured layering of her work sometimes results in an old distressed quality - an old, worn and loved feeling. Warm to live with.

Her paintings are lovely simple images - with nothing simple about them!!! Nina layers and builds paint on paint to create a soft muted image, with

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