Thursday, 16 July 2009

Gail and Ruth's Artwork, more.

Ruth adores living in Tuscany - I think I could manage to enjoy living there for a few months every year, but then I'd miss Cheltenham.

Her paintings are like well loved family scrap books - they are full of remembered places and people, hidden treasures. The variety of media used by Ruth when creating her artwork adds to the interest and depth wating for the viewer to explore and find. Most visitors to the gallery spend a long time with noses very close to the picture - trying to work out how Ruth created the work, but also looking for hidden gems.

Ruth's jewellery has caught the eye of my art lovers - people who like to wear art as well as view it! Ruth's jewellery is a collection of unique pieces - antique textiles, vintage beads, beaten metal, sea polished glass, every piece is different.

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