Saturday, 11 July 2009

New Exhibition

Hi ~ I'm new to blogging so will probably take a while to get the hang of it all. Art by Darcy is my blog spot for my art gallery - which I'm passionate about. So much happens in a day that I'd like to share with everyone, the wonderful Art, Crafts but especially the people I meet both Artists and Art Lovers.
We're hosting a show by Gail de Jong, Ruth Elliott and Anne Bosset ~ Paintings, Ceramics, Textiles and Jewellery - an electic mix if ever there was! Gail's paintings and ceramics feature lovely large ladies in exquisite corsets and red shoes - we think they are probably self portraits! Ruth collects antique fabrics, vintage beads and beachcombs for glass to create her unusal jewellery - Art to wear! Her paintings are created using a variety of mediums, printing, collage, painting, sewing - I keep looking to see if there's anything I've missed!! Ruth has used beautiful imagery and scenes from the area of Tuscany that she lives in - these works of art really deserve a closer look.
Anne Bosset contacted me earlier this year hoping to meet up - luckily she was able to combine a trip to see me with a family wedding. Anne has been living in France for the last eleven years painting full time. We've got watercolours of the Brecon Beacons, oils on canvas of French Poppies, interesting abstract mountain landscapes and detailed watercolour still lifes of delicate china - sounds a bit of a mixture - Well it is; and it all works together in a most harmonious way!!

I'm looking forward to an interesting Saturday.

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