Saturday, 11 July 2009

Saturday 11th July Visitors

Saturday was really busy, lots of visitors - some browsing, some buying and some trying to sell. Sometimes it's hard explaining to artists that I can't view their work then & there - even though the gallery looks quiet at that moment in time. I always ask prospective artists to send in 3 or 4 images of their work, either by email or post, so that Ranulf & I can look at them and decide if the work is right for our gallery and if it is, when would the work fit into our exhibiton diary. Then we make an appointment to see the actual work. I remember many years ago - before I had my own gallery, I always used to think that some gallery owners were a right snotty lot!! But now I really understand that you've got to be firm and organised (that bit's hard work for me!!?).
Had two lovely people in today - they came to see Gail & Ruth's artwork, which they loved! These two, Paul & Louise work at The National Star College in Cheltenham, an independent specialist college for young people who have physical disabilities and associated learning difficulties - an amazing place for amazing youngsters. We're auctioning a painting to raise funds for Nat Star College, created by Matthew Dean at an event held at The Daffodil Restaurant just recently - but more of that to follow.
I'm off to see several new artists on Monday and Tuesday, more to report then

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